Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Budget Buddy Progress!

This is the current progress of my budgeting program, the code and classes are made up for the accounts, checks, months, everything. The GUI and interlacing it with the underlying modules is all thats left. I've already started doing that, right now the 5 buttons at the top are the only things not working, as well as a few of the menu items.
On the to do list is:
The add items buttons and the other buttons associated with items and the main scroll pane that will hold the items that go into the budgeting for checks.
After thats done, making the GUI change when you select a different month and check and updating the panes that show information.
After that, the menu items such as saving and loading need to be done. After all of the main stuff, I just need to create the other panes such as the graphics and other things.
It will probably be another week or so before it's done.

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